Thursday, July 12, 2012

My Hero! Century 21 Agent Amy Barratt Jumps for Kids

Every year Century 21 puts its corporate clout behind the Easter Seals campaign, raising money to help handicapped kids and their families, in one way or another. Last year, the company launched a new campaign, Drop Zone, in which C21 agents across the country suited up and rappelled down tall office buildings. Each jumper pledged to raise a mimimum of $1,500 to send a handicapped child to camp.

I am so proud to say that Amy Barratt will be taking part in this year's Drop Zone challenge. She will be rappelling down the side of 1981 McGill College Ave. in the heaty of Montreal on Saturday, September 20. You might also know 1981 McGill College Ave. as the 20-storey glass building with the marzipan/margarine people sculpture out front.

I've already sponsored Amy in this endeavor and have encouraged her to wear a super hero costume as she makes the leap.

Check out her Drop Zone page by clicking on this link

Here's a video of last year's event. It makes the thing look hardly scary at all.

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