Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Verdun Restaurants Rated by Local Foodies

 Chowhound.com, the online Bible for obsessive foodies, has been hosting an ongoing discussion about great places to eat in Verdun. The conversation started in 2006 but people continue to weigh in. Restaurants come and go - Naked Lunch, how I miss you! - but the momentum is definitely towards a broader range of gastronomical choices.
It is still easier to find a big, cheap breakfast, cut-rate pizza or hot dog steamé than it is genuinely gourmet fare, but times they are a-changing  in blue-collar Verdun. Tea shops and cheese mongers are creeping into the 'hood.
Take, for example, Hecho en Mexico (photo), a fantastic eatery on Wellington St. near 4th Ave. HdeM occupies premises once inhabited by the late, lamented Naked Lunch and showcases traditional Mexican eats prepared with market fresh ingredients.
MAS, is a cozy little boite specializing in bistro fare. Chef/co-owner Michel Ross used to be one of principals at Brunoise, a Plateau eatery known for its great food and affordable wine list.
I recently tried to dine at Su, a Turkish resto run by a gifted female chef, but it was closed for the construction hols.
Catch up on what you've been missing by reading the post.
Here's a map pinpointing some of those restos.

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