Friday, October 9, 2009

Baby We Were Born To Own

House got too crowded,
Clothes got too tight
And I don't know just where I'm going tonight
Out where the sky's been cleared by a good hard rain
There's somebody callin' my secret name

Bruce Springsteen
Lucky Town

Can we interest you in an 828-square-foot shotgun shack priced at $299,000 U.S.?
What if I told you it used to be Bruce Springsteen's house and that The Boss composed much of his breakthrough masterpiece Born to Run while sitting on its tiny front porch?
The two bedrooms and one bath is located a stone's throw from the Jersey shore and was recently placed on the market. It is priced about $50,000 above what comparable properties in the neighborhood sell for in the post-mortgage meltdown US of A. Not such a steep mark-up for a piece of rock 'n' roll memorabilia.
You can read the listing here

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