Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Moss, Apparently It's Not Just a Problem on the North Side of Trees

I've been a Jon Eakes fan for a long time. The TV and radio handyman is a wellspring of home-repair and renovation information and a good talker, to boot.
I interviewed him once when I was still The Gazette's real-estate columnist. Instead of sitting in a café or office to chat, he took me on a ramble through Shaughnessy Village, that neighborhood around the old Forum and Montreal Children's Hosptial, pointing out giant icicles on the roof lines and diagnosing the probable causes. (Improper insulation is the number one cause, if memory serves me right.)
Anyway, Eakes has a great fix-it website. Every once in a while he sends out a newsletter. The latest issue has tips on removing moss from roof shingles. The rainy weather hasn't only been bad for sunbathers. Moss can eat away at the shingles, reducing the life of your roof.
I've been meaning to get up on a ladder to check out my rain gutters. Guess I might as well check for moss while I'm up there.
While on the topic, when was the last time you had your chimney professionally cleaned? Most insurance companies require an annual cleaning to reduce the risk of fire. It only costs about $50 to have done, but it's easy enough to forget about, especially if you don't have a fireplace. Now's as good a time as any to make that call. . .

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