Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Marianopolis Conversion: More Cars, More Trees.

La Presse got a sneak peek at plans for the $300-million luxury housing development on the site of the old Marianopolis College.
The scheme includes 350 units, with 10 single-family homes on the grounds of the former Sulpician seminary, Côte-des-Neiges Rd. near Cedar Ave..
The plan, by Daniel Arbour et Associés, envisages the construction of some 20 buildings varying from six to nine storeys as well as the stand-alone houses. A new pool and sports complex will be built to replace the existing structures.
Les Amis de la Montagne have already voiced concern over increased car traffic because of the project. The plans call for 2 parking spots per housing unit - potentially 700 to 800 more cars around Mount Royal, a protected zone. After a first look-see, city hall has already asked the developer, Cato Inc., to reduce the density of some of the buildings to minimize the number of trees that will be cut down and to safeguard the view of the mountain.
Cato Inc. has already promised to plant 300 trees and bushes to replace 68 mature trees that will be felled during construction.
The public will have a chance to voice its opinion during hearings, though no date is mentioned in the La Presse story. The developer hopes to break ground in the fall.
(The above rendering is by Daniel Arbour et associés)

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  1. who is Cato Inc.? They appear nowhere on the web and there is no proof of any projects they have done in Montreal


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