Saturday, November 13, 2010

And It's Name Shall Be Mile Ex, Because Philtrum is Already Taken

Photo of Le Pick Up, shamelessly stolen from La Presse.
The space between the nose and the lip is called a philtrum. The space between Mile End and Park Ex is called Mile Ex, according to La Presse.
Wasn't so long ago that we didn't call it anything. It was a no-man's land of not quite Mile End and not quite Park Extension.
That was before people began buying up the working-class duplexes and triplexes tucked among the area's factories and warehouses. Now it is a happening part of the city with lots of artists, architects and young families setting down roots in the 'hood. Those cheap lofts and industrial spaces afford the luxury of space, if you're looking for a place to live and work.
It makes perfect sense. The location is quite central - not far from Jean Talon market, the bright lights of Park Ave. and the de Castelnau metro station not to mention the 80 bus rocketing  straight downtown. There are neighborhood playgrounds, easy access to Jarry Park and very little through traffic.

One of the buzziest of Montreal's little neighborhood eateries in located smack-dab in the heart of Mile Ex. Check out Depanneur Le Pick-Up next time you're looking for a quick and quality nosh. It's an art space/dep and neighborhood joint where meatpackers (that's not a euphemism) and scenesters rub elbows over fair-trade coffee an big ol' sangwiches.


  1. For those who live here, including the Sicilians who have been here for almost 60 years, the neighbourhood is called Little Italy.

  2. Mile Ex is an offensive term. When you cross the train tracks, Mile End ends. On the other side of the train tracks, Parc Ex begins.

    We are not an extension of Mile End nor a part of Parc Ex. The neighbourhood is the old garment and meat packing district of Little Italy in the borrough of Petite Patrie.

    We dont need hipsters suddenly changing the name of our neighbourhood because they have only just discovered it.

    1. "We dont need hipsters suddenly changing the name of our neighbourhood because they have only just discovered it."

      I'd be willing to bet money it was my boyfriend who coined the term "Mile Ex." It was back in 2006, and he'd been living in what would become the thick of it, on Jeanne-Mance above Beaubien, since 1997. The "hipsters" were only just starting to move in. He meant it as a joke, but soon our friends repeated the term, and their friends repeated the term, and four years later it crossed the language barricade and out came La Presse. (As an aside, I suppose this means we need to expand our social circle a little.)

      For the record, my boyfriend is not a hipster. So please, credit where credit is due. Or where it is partially due, anyway. He's probably not the only sardonic Mile Exer out there who can recognize a trend and use clever word play.

    2. btw, Mary Lamey, I enjoy your blog. And I'm glad you recognize the unique character of the neighbourhood.

  3. It isn't exactly Little Italy, actually. To me, Little Italy runs east from Clark between Bellechasse and de Castelanu, plus ou moins.

    Mile Ex is a different neighborhood with a different vibe. It is also technically part of Park Ex/St. Michel/Villeray borough, not Petite Patrie. Little Italy is safe from the hipsters, for now.

    Thanks for writing. I appreciate your comments.

  4. Do you live in this neighbourhood???

    No you dont. That is quite obvious.

    If you actually ask a resident who has been here for quite some time, they would tell you is not Mile Ex.

    Mile Ex is a false name that some people have called it in a La Presse article a few weeks ago. If you actually take the time to speak to real residents, they laugh at this name.

    Stop imposing this name on us as it is completely false

    There is a borough called Villeray-St-Michel-Parc Extension which is situated north of Jean Talon.

    The neighbourhood your are referring to is located in Rosemont-Petite Patrie.

  5. Actually, Anonymous, if you check the borough map the area I am talking about is part of Villeray, Park Ex and St-Michel borough. Quadrant B7 in the bottom left corner of the map. It is not part of Petite Patrie, a lovely place and home to Little Italy.
    Click on the "Carte Zoom" if you don't believe me.,1983785&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL

  6. If you actually spend the time to click on the link "Carte Zoom sur L'arrondissement" of your own borough map that you sent me, you will clearly see that the neighbourhood you call Mile Ex is not in this borough. It is situated south of Jean Talon.

    You sell real estate but you dont know neighbourhood?

    Oh my...

  7. I get it.

    I just checked your website and you have a few properties to sell here.

    You need to jump on a term in order to make the area seem cool.

    Shame on you for distorting the facts and changing the name of the district based on a newspaper article.

    Next time you are in the neighbourhood please ask anyone on the street the following question: "excuse me, where is Mile Ex?".

    I am sure the people that live here will have no clue where you are talking about.

    Good luck on your sales though. It is a great neighbourhood.

  8. Well I live here as well and I have always considered the best kept secret of the city. Of course it will become gentrified.

    Get over it.

  9. It was only cheap back in the late 90s. Now the average price is $300 sq foot!!!

  10. @I get it

    You are right when you talk about the new name of the area. I moved here to get away from Mile End and now they are trying to bring Mile to us!

  11. LOL.

    Verdun is the new Plateau.

  12. @LOL

    Verdun is a crap hole.

  13. Alexandra-Marconi.

    Does not sound Italian to me.

  14. Anonymous, You need to get a life. Seriously.


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